RECOING & JACQUETY is a forwarding and agency service providers / Maritime and ships Agents with branch offices in all the main ports and Airports of Morocco where we settled since 1946.
JACQUETY family settled in MOROCCO in 1860.
RECOING & JACQUETY Ltd was founded in 1946 in SAFI (250 Km south of CASABLANCA, and the second Moroccan harbour) by two young demobilised soldiers: Bernard RECOING & François JACQUETY.
Meanwhile, our company established itself for various “turnkey” projects in all the main cities of Morocco, allowing us to be operational on the totalities of the major ports of Morocco, from mediterranean sea and covering the entire Atlantic coast up to the Mauritanian border.
Being present in almost all port areas of the kingdom, makes Recoing & Jacquety one of the first industrial customs agents on the local market with a full range of logistics facilities available at all Customs Offices in the kingdom of Morocco with RECOING & JACQUETY own personnel.